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Plant Food

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Revitalize plants and replenish nutrients, minerals and microbes in existing soil by watering weekly with Noot Bio-Organic Plant Food.

Plant Food & Potting Mix

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Revitalize plants in our pre-soaked fast draining, coco potting mix. Replenish nutrients, minerals, and microbes by watering weekly with Noot Bio-Organic Plant Food.

Re-Potting Mat

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✓ Made from durable polyvinyl
✓ Water proof & stain resistant
✓ Quick cleaning & easy storage

Measures 2 feet x 2 feet.

Have you ever needed to repot a plant or do some watering, but couldn’t find anything suitable to catch all the mess? (And ended up delaying it!)

We’ve all been there…😫

❌ Grabbing a random Amazon box and trying to make it work when repotting…

❌ Run-off from watering your plants getting all over the table, floor, or carpet…

There’s a smarter, simpler way.


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