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Noot provides no-fuss fertilizing that powers long lasting, natural growth. Fast!

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How Noot Works

Pick a plan

Noot ships 3.5 -300 gallons. Choose which monthly delivery option works best for you and your plants.

Pour on soil

Noot converts ordinary water into a complex nutritional & microbial solution that every plant craves.

Watch it grow

Plants are now in their ideal fast-growing medium. You’ll notice more vibrant blooms and vigorous plants.

Before & After

“Today I got some pretty pink Petunias trying this awesome plant food.” – Lissy Howard

“My string of hearts from Sep 13th – Sept 26th. Thanks #growwithnoot” – @22plantsbylex

Featured Offerings

Noot Monthly Delivery

7 gallons in 2 glass tubes ($19) + free measuring syringe ($5) in your first month for only $9. Free shipping. Delivered monthly. Change/Cancel anytime.

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Noot Husky Mix

Noot Husky Mix helps avoid root rot, allows you to inspect root systems without stress, and gives them room to thrive with moisture and amazing airflow.

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Noot Rescue Mix

Perfect rescuing plants with root rot, Noot Rescue Mix was developed by a rare plant seller to revive damaged and strained plants from international shipping.

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Not sure what you need? Try our Sampler Kit

The Noot Sample Kit includes Noot bio-organic plant food, Husky Mix, and Rescue Mix to help you decide exactly what your plants need to thrive.

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Customer Reviews

Light watering day for my plants!! I’d say my Strawberry Shake Philodendron is happy with @growwithnoot. She’s my most favorite.



Look at those beautiful roots!!⁣ Minnie Pearl is so healthy and thriving in her LECA home… Cleaned her up a little as well. I hope that new leaf unfurls in the next few days.

Lisa Laree


Philodendron Friday. New liddle leaf🌱😊💚 It popped out while in my indoor greenhouse along with my watering using my Noot.

Leaf Life Nurse


My beautiful string of hearts is growing and growing each day…. I use a spray bottle with some liquid @growwithnoot and it’s been helping it grow faster. I’m so happy to see it getting fuller. 😍😍😍

Angela Marrero


Did some planty care today for a change and I had to stop to admire this beauty. It hides on the shelf. I didn’t realize it has 7 leaves already. Went from knocking on deaths door to having awesome roots from water

Jungle Mayer


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