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Every first order receives 7 Gallons (2 x 35ml glass tubes) for $9. Free shipping.
Every first order gets 7 Gallons (2 x glass tube) for $9. 
Free shipping.
Step 1: How many gallons will you need?
after 30 days
after 30 days
after 30 days
after 30 days
after 30 days
after 30 days
after 30 days
after 30 days

ONE-TIME OFFER ONLY $10: It's one of those items you didn't realize you wanted until you've used it! Durable, convenient, & space-saving. Holds just over 1/2 Gallon.

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I understand that I will receive 3.5 7 gallons worth of Noot in new glass tubes. 

After 30 days, I will receive the monthly option I have selected above, which I can cancel/change anytime before billing. Refunds can be processed if you contact prior to shipping. Welcome offer valid once per customer.

Free Shipping On Every Plan

There are no shipping charges on your monthly Noot deliveries - no matter how many gallons you need. 

Change/Cancel Anytime

Want to add more gallons per month, or are unhappy for any reason? We've got you! You can change/cancel before next billing. Refunds can be processed for unshipped orders. 
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"I've had this bamboo desk plant for the past year. It's never really grown. The tips of some of the leaves gradually turned brown and yellow. 

I applied one drop of Noot to the water and within 3 weeks it's grown this much already. It's insane. I'll be back with progress photos between my 2 banana trees at harvest time! Thanks Noot!"

Marco Genovese
Brentwood, California
"I've never had huge yields when it came to my strawberries and although I love houseplants I don't go out of my way to buy them. I'm not proud to say this, but I've killed my fair share over the years.

Having Noot plant food delivered monthly helps me to keep my houseplants alive, water them when I should, and it's helped me get my son interested in growing food in our backyard again!"

Devon Harman
Orange, California