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7 gallons in 2 glass tubes ($19) + free measuring syringe ($5) in your first month for only $9.
Free shipping.
Delivered monthly. Change/Cancel anytime.

18 organic ingredients with ancient strains of beneficial bacteria that keep your plants alive + thriving.

Simply mix Noot organic plant food with every watering for lush, beautiful plants without the stress.

Free shipping + ♻️ zero plastic waste.

  • Includes membership to the Noot Growers Club to earn Noot Points.
  • Glass tubes (upcycle as propagation stations for plant cuttings 🧪)
  • Redeem Noot Points for bonus tubes whenever you want them.
  • Earn a bonus tube (3.5 gallons worth) each month with a social media post (100 Noot Points) and show others how beautiful your plants are.
  • Earn bonus tubes for each friend you refer as a customer so they too can join you in growing houseplants and feel closer to nature.

From: $15.00 / month with a 30-day free trial and a $9.00 sign-up fee


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