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The Surprising "Hidden" Reason Your Plants Struggle...
Your plant's soil is often the main cause of slow growth, lack of blooms, spotty leaves, infection, and many more symptoms. 

Like with gut bacteria in humans, plants have a need for beneficial microbes in their soil so they grow faster, bloom larger, and avoid sickness.

With 18 powerful ingredients bio-digested over 5 years, through a 40-stage process, Noot's formula produce and maintain "living soil".

Noot Organic Plant Food

Powered by 18 powerful organic ingredients bio-digested, over 5 years, into absorption friendly elements through a 40 stage process. Noot's a tiny tube that's ready to rock your plants world. Concentrated, organic and ready to add to water.

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Feed the soil,
Feed the plant.
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  • All plant types: Noot works for all species of plants just add to your watering schedule!
  •  Works in any medium: Indoor / Outdoor / Soil / Hydroponic
  •  Beneficial bacteria: contains microbes and nutrition to convert dead soil into "living soil"
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