Organic formula


No stinky smells


Zero harsh chemicals




Minimal plastic use


All natural sources

Organic formula
No stinky smells
Pet safe
Zero harsh chemicals
Eco-friendly, minimal plastic use
All natural sources

Why Customers Love Noot Plant Food

Join thousands who are keeping their houseplants healthy + happy.

Healthy Plants Need These Essential Elements

Plants need 3 general things to grow well: appropriate climate, suitable lighting, and good roots. Noot provides roots what they need whenever you water them.  Your houseplants will grow healthy, avoid most health issues, and fill your home with natural energy – without the hassle.

Most indoor plants like 65-85F, higher humidity levels with fresh airflow. Never too cold or scorching hot. 
Most houseplants prefer med-bright indirect light, never directly in the sun.
Most houseplants love a regular watering of balanced nutrition of NPK + micronutrients. Helpful microbes form a beneficial relationship with roots to fuel new growth, and sustain life.
Roots prefer fast draining soil mixes that require watering more often. Compared to soil that retains moisture and remains stagnant for weeks. Roots love microbes, and oxygen flow.

Convert Water Into A Nutrient Rich, Microbial Solution

Humans have ‘gut bacteria’ which assists us when performing a variety of functions, like digestion. Just eating food isn’t enough, you need to digest with the help of microbes and the gut eco-system. Plants have a similar relationship with microbes in their rhizosphere or “root zone”, which benefits them in powerful ways. 

Noot changes ordinary tap water into a horticultural grade nutrient and microbial solution.  Now when you water, not only are you hydrating, but also making soil healthy.

Fertilizer that contains not only macro and micro-nutrients but also specific microbes to develop bioactivity in soil for the benefit of the plant. 
Rhizobacteria and mycorrhizae strains form a symbiotic relationship with the roots, and begin transformation. 
Plants absorb nutrients faster, develop stronger cell structures, resist disease and climate swings better, promote new growth faster, and flourish.

Plants Deserve More Than Basic Nutrition.

Plant health requires so much more than simply nutrients. Most plant food products treat fungi and bacteria as afterthoughts.

Noot is different. Our nutritional and microbial formula, will:

Increase Nutrient Absorption

After just one watering, microbes build new pathways inside plant cell walls and on roots to facilitate rapid nutrient uptake.

Promote New Growth Points

Node and leaf growth is encouraged by specific strains of microbes in exchange for carbohydrates from the plant.

More Complex, Vigorous Root Systems

Microbes help build advanced root systems that greatly increase in complexity and assist in every aspect of a plant’s life.

Resist Harmful Soil Pathogens

Naturally diminish the risk of root rot and other common ailments as microbes combat unhealthy germs in soil.

Strengthen Cellular Structure

This symbiotic relationship provides plants with a variety of mechanisms to vigorously grow, even in unideal conditions.

Works For All Plant Varieties, Sizes & Age

Whether you’re growing an indoor jungle, or just have a few plants infusing some nature and joy into your home, Noot will keep them alive and thriving.

After just one watering of Noot, nutrients begin to be replenished for the plant to push out new growth. Roots begin to form relationships with healthy microbes and begin their transformation of the plant. 

Whether they are young plants or mature ones, they’ll love a drink of Noot.

Cutting Propagation
Add Noot to water and replace 80% weekly to propagate nodes quicker.
Small to Medium Plants
Balanced nutrition and microbes to provide the sustenance needed to push new growth and become bigger.
Mature Plants
Older and huge plants often like higher nutrition levels. You can safely x2 or x3 dosage and gauge response without the need for more additives.

Plants Should Relieve Stress, Not Add To It.

Most people fear fertilizing, so many never do out concern of making a mistake. Due to complex mixing instructions, plants are often harmed, or even die with one bad watering. Noot avoids these issues by using a balanced organic nutrient formula with powerful microbes that help regulate and facilitate nutrient uptake along with other essential functions. Just use Noot every time you water your plants – ‘ta-da’!

Sit back and bask in the beauty of having alluring plants, in your home, without needing the green thumb you thought you would.

Benefits of Indoor Plants
Improving your mood.
Reducing fatigue.
Lowering stress and anxiety.
Improving focus.
Boosting healing and pain tolerance.



Start with 1/2 gallon of water


Tap in 1 tsp of Noot


Shake it and use every watering

For best results, we recommend using our foldable watering jug with distilled water, and growing plants in our Noot Mix.

Soil & Potting Mixes

Hydroponic & Semi-Hydro

Water Propagation

The Secret Sauce That Turns Water Into Wonder

Organic nutrients with 16 strains of beneficial bacteria + friendly fungi that form a symbiotic relationship with plants by fueling and regulating essential functions. 

Bacillus Subtilis

100,000 CFU / mL



2000 IP / mL

Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi


3500 IP / mL

Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi


2000 IP / mL

Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi


1500 IP / mL

Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi


500 IP / mL

Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi

No Animal By-Products

Ancient, Renewable Resource

Tackling the Effects of Ocean Warming

The Green Vial


We deeply cherish all that the Mother Earth provides us. We now ship with miniminal plastic waste, and are always attempting to reduce our carbon footprint.


We switched from plastic tubes to borosilicate glass vials with aluminium caps to help eliminate landfill.


Upcycle glass vials into propagation stations and get more plants for your home - free!

We Want You to Ask Questions

Using Noot is simple and straight forward. We hope to answer your questions in the same way. 
Here are the most common questions that customers ask us before their first order:

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No Animal By-Products

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