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Avoid pot rot


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Sustainable, low impact ingredients
Vigorous, rapid root growth
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Avoid the dreaded pot rot
Organic, natural formula
Safe for your furry friends
No stinky, lingering smells

Why Customers Love Noot Mix

Join thousands + kick start your plants growth with a simple repot

Organic, Renewable Source

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Bring Your Plant To Life, Don't Slowly Kill It

The wrong potting mix can spell disaster for a potted plant. If the soil is too dense, the roots can suffocate. If a potting mix retains too much moisture, it can breed soil pathogens. Your plant may not look unhealthy, but it won’t feel like growing much either.

After years of experimentation, with different potting mediums and many failed attempts, a rare plant seller developed a universal coco-blend mix. It was suitable for every plant they cultivated and produced growth fast. 

Noot Mix combines this time-tested coconut blend, with our powerful bio-organic plant food. Ready to use out of the bag.

Root Rot
Stagnant water in a pot, and lack of oxygen flow accelerates soil pathogens typically known as root rot or “pot rot”.
Soil doesn’t drain fast, and when it’s isolated to a pot it can take much longer to dry out. Overly wet soil is a breeding ground for fungus gnats, and other annoying plant pests.

Say "Buh-Bye" To Soil Issues

Plants need 3 general things to grow well: appropriate climate, suitable lighting, and good roots.

Noot Mix provides perfect airflow and moisture levels that will make roots take off with its coconut blend with coarse perlite. Your houseplant will grow healthy, avoid the most common health issues they experience with soil – without the work.

Our plant food helps regulate and facilitate nutrient uptake along with other essential functions.

Just repot into Noot Mix, whenever you get a new plant, and watch it flourish!

Most indoor plants like 65-85F, higher humidity levels with fresh airflow. Never too cold or scorching hot. 
Most houseplants prefer med-bright indirect light, never directly in the sun.
Most houseplants love a regular watering of balanced nutrition of NPK + micronutrients. Helpful microbes form a beneficial relationship with roots to fuel new growth, and sustain life.
Roots prefer fast draining soil mixes that require watering more often. 

Give Plants A Ready-To-Go Bioactive Eco-System

Humans have ‘gut bacteria’ which assists us when performing a variety of functions, like digestion. Plants have a similar relationship with microbes in their rhizosphere or “root zone”, which benefits them in powerful ways.  Not having these microbial helpers severely limits your plants potential.

When Noot Mix needs moisture, simply water with Noot.  Not only are you hydrating, but also keeping the growing medium alive.

Fertilizer that contains not only macro and micro-nutrients but also specific microbes to develop bioactivity in soil for the benefit of the plant. 
Rhizobacteria and mycorrhizae strains form a symbiotic relationship with the roots, and begin transformation. 
Plants absorb nutrients faster, develop stronger cell structures, resist disease and climate swings better, promote new growth faster, and flourish.

Plants Deserve More Than Regular Soil

Plant health requires so much more than simply soil. Most potting mixes treat fungi and bacteria as afterthoughts, not Noot Mix. They are essential partners in bio-active soil, and Noot Mix does so much more than simply provide a place for roots to grow in.

When roots form a symbiotic relationship with pre-soaked Noot Mix microbes, the plant will quickly begin to:

Increase Nutrient Absorption

After repotting, microbes build new pathways inside plant cell walls and on roots to facilitate rapid nutrient uptake.

Promote New Growth Points

Node and leaf growth is encouraged by specific strains of microbes in exchange for carbohydrates from the plant.

More Complex, Vigorous Root Systems

Microbes help build advanced root systems that greatly increase in complexity and assist in every aspect of a plant’s life.

Resist Harmful Soil Pathogens

Naturally diminish the risk of root rot and other common ailments as microbes combat unhealthy germs in soil.

Strengthen Cellular Structure

This symbiotic relationship provides plants with a variety of mechanisms to vigorously grow, even in unideal conditions.



Remove as much soil as possible


Place around 1 inch at the bottom


Gently place plant in


Add more, settle the mix in around the roots, as you fill the pot up

For best results, we recommend not pushing Noot Mix down and compacting it. If a plant doesn't stand up on it's own, consider a support pole, or place deeper into the mix.


Monstera & Tropicals




Succulents & Cacti


Pothos & Trailing Plants



For Plants Of All Ages, Shapes & Sizes

After repotting into Noot Mix, roots start form relationships with Noot’s healthy microbes, and the transformation begins. 

With amazing airflow and moisture levels, it doesn’t matter if your plant is young or old, it will love to call Noot Mix home. 

Monstera & Philodendron
Deliciosa, Albo, Obliqua, Adansonii, Borgisiana, Dubia, Epipremnoides, Thai Constellation, Standleyana, Spiritus Sancti, Micans, White Knight, Pink Princess, Black Cardinal, Prince of Orange, Xanadu, Gloriosum, Birkin, etc.
Pothos & Trailing Plants
Golden, Neon, Marble Queen, Cebu Blue, Jessenia, Manjula, String of Hearts, String of Turtles, etc.
Succulents & Cacti
Golden, Neon, Marble Queen, Cebu Blue, Jessenia, Manjula, String of Hearts, String of Turtles, etc.
Staghorn, Maiden Hair, Swordfish, Kimberly, Ostrich, Royal, Asparagus, Australian Tree, Birds Nest, etc.

Perfect Proportions For Roots To Flourish

Coconut husk, chips, and fibers all provide unique benefits as a potting mix. 

When blended with coarse perlite, it provides wonderful oxygen flow to roots, while allowing needed humidity for roots to expand through with microbial support.

Coconut Husk + Chips
Coconut husk & chips retain moisture. Slowly releasing humidity as they dry.
Coconut Fibers + Coir
Fibers help to create volume in the pot which allows for oxygen flow. Coir clings to fibers and assists  them in retaining more moisture while providing airy volume in the pot.
Coarse Perlite
Perlite is often used to aerate soil. When used in our blend, it allows for aeration and a different level of moisture release.

Repot Plants With Ease

Are you putting off repotting due to the time it can take doing a proper job or ensure of which particular blend to use? 

Due to different additives, substrates and growing mediums it can be hard to know which blend is right for a specific plant. The wrong proportions can harm or even kill a plant. 

With years of experimentation and testing, Noot Mix has perfected proportions of its ingredients for oxygen flow while maintaining moisture levels that roots simply fall in love with.

Repotting your plant allows the root system to expand and push out new leaf growth. Some plants don’t mind being root bound, but as a general practice it’s best to have some extra space for the roots to grow into.
We recommending repotting a new plant as soon as possible into Noot Mix. The best time of year is Spring, Summer & Fall, but anytime is usually just fine for houseplants.

Roots Fall In Love With Our Unique Potting Mix

5 unique substrates + nutrients with 16 strains of helpful microbes that form symbiotic relationships with plants for improved health + increased growth


Coconut Husk + Chips


Coconut Fibers + Coir