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Noot husky mix brings the perfect blend of moisture and airflow to your plants roots. 

It helps avoid root rot, let's you inspect root systems without stress, and give roots room to thrive with amazing airflow. 

It's semi-hydro from the tropics.
Each Noot Husky Mix brick expands to ~2 Gallons worth. 

Free Shipping! Just hydrate in Noot at home. 
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$9 PER QUART (NEED MORE THAN 1? JUST PLACE THIS ORDER AND EMAIL US): Add finer fibers to the husky mix for propagation and for more moisture retention while retaining the benefits of a fast draining medium. We have perfected the balance of coconut coir, husk and perlite that create an environment that grow roots faster.

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Dynamically Updated
A HEADS UP: Husky Mix + Rescue Mix is not in it's final packaging and may look "rough".
We are shipping early, so it's available for Noot subscribers pre-launch.

Free Shipping

There are no shipping charges for the husky mix bricks and rescue mix.

Quality Guaranteed

Organic coconut husk and chips from sustainable sources in the USA.
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