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Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are Noot, the plant-obsessed company that’s devoted to one goal: keeping plants alive + thriving. Since 2019, we’ve been doing just that, by providing the best organic products for houseplants (and outside ones too!) that customers can use consistently for amazing growth and ongoing health for years to come.

Why promote Noot?

Become a Noot ambassador and we will pay you 100 Noot Points commission on every new customer you generate using your ambassador link. All you have to do is recommend Noot using your partner link on your website, blog, newsletter, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.

[Note: If you are already a subscriber, you can start earning now. Just find your unique referral link within your Monthly Delivery area]

You can choose to be paid out with Noot Points towards product purchases (100 Noot Points = 1x Noot Bio-Organic Plant Food), or alternatively, be paid out in money. Our minimum threshold for payout is USD$100. Whenever that threshold is met, you can choose to be paid out! (there’s no minimum for converting earnings to free product).

Why become a Noot Ambassador?

  • It’s free to join — Signing up takes only a few minutes and is completely free. You’ll receive a unique tracking code for use after approval.
  • High converting — The best part of the Noot ambassador program is the high converting product pages. Rest assure the traffic you’re sending, will convert as long as it’s relevant. 
  • Low entry point — No expensive purchases for your referrals as they get to know our products. Our intro offers for both Noot Bio-Organic Plant Food, and Noot Mix are $9, and $14.99.
  • Reliable tracking — Our program prides itself on top-tier tracking software. We wanted to make sure we used a trusted platform to make sure you get credit for every single referral.
  • Unlimited earning potential — There’s no cap on the amount of commissions you can earn. Refer as many people as you’d like; we won’t ever hold you back.

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