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How Noot Works

Pick a plan

Noot ships 3.5-300 gallons. Choose which monthly delivery option works best for you and your plants.

Use each watering

Noot converts ordinary water into a complex nutritional & microbial solution that every plant craves.

Watch plants grow

Plants are now in their ideal fast-growing medium. You’ll notice vibrant blooms and more vigorous plants.

Before & After

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“Today I got some pretty pink Petunias trying this awesome plant food.” – Lissy Howard

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“My string of hearts from Sep 13th – Sept 26th. Thanks #growwithnoot” – @22plantsbylex

No fuss fertilizing.

  • Works with most houseplants: tropicals, succulents, ferns, palms, cactus, bonsai, calathea, orchids, anthuriums, monsteras, aroids, and even kitchen herbs.
  • Mix 1 tsp of Noot every 1/2 gallon of water. No PH-ing needed.
  • Pet safe. Child safe. Non-toxic. 100% Organic. No chemicals or artificial additives. ♻️ Zero plastic waste.
  • Make more plants yourself: perfect for the propagation of cuttings and nodes. Replace solution weekly for rapid root growth.
  • For use with: soil mixes, hydroponic watering systems, LECA, semi-hydro mediums, and aquaponic setups.
  • A balanced, full microbial solution (NPK: .3/.2/.3) that powers a symbiotic relationship between beneficial bacteria and plant roots for long lasting, natural growth.

Join The Growers Club

  • Includes membership to the Noot Growers Club to earn Noot Points.
  • Redeem Noot Points for bonus tubes whenever you want them.
  • Earn bonus tubes for each friend you refer as a customer so they too can join you in growing houseplants and feel closer to nature.
  • Earn a bonus tube (3.5 gallons worth) each month with a social media post (100 Noot Points) and show others how beautiful your plants are.


How much Noot do I use, and how often?

Mix 1 tsp per ½ gallon. Use every watering.

Do I need to use any other fertilizers or additives with Noot?

Noot was formulated to be an all-in-one, full nutritional and microbial plant food. No other fertilizers or additives are required to see your plants thrive. You can, however, experiment for best results and we would love to hear how it goes!

I’m trying to minimize how much plastic I consume. Can I get Noot plastic free?

Our shipments contain zero plastic waste. Noot is sent in reusable glass tubes which many customers upcycle into propagation stations.

Can I change the amount I get each month, or cancel my plan?

You can change, pause or cancel your plan anytime within your Account. You can also email us and we’ll do it for you.

If my package is broken in transit, will you replace it?

Sometimes the journey is rough. Just contact Customer Service and we will replace your broken tubes ASAP!

How long does Noot last?

It’s recommended to use Noot within a week if you’ve mixed it up. When stored out of heat and sunlight, Noot that’s unmixed will last 6 months+.

What is the NPK of Noot?

Noot has an effective NPK of (.3,.1,.3). However, NPK is often a metric that often doesn’t tell the whole story. Noot contains various powerful strains of beneficial bacteria that aid with nutritional uptake just like in nature.

Do I use Noot through winter?

Yes! Keep using Noot whenever your plants need water. You’ll just be watering less in winter.

What plants can Noot be used on?

Generally, all plants love Noot. One exception seems to be carnivorous plants, which shouldn’t be fertilized. If you have any sensitive plants, we recommend diluting by 50%, gauge response, and gradually increase to full dosage.

Why does beneficial bacteria help?

Noot contains macro and micronutrients that provide plants the nutrition they need to access in order to thrive. Noot’s beneficial strains of bacteria form a symbiotic relationship with your plant’s roots. Bacteria assist roots with nutritional uptake, and in exchange, roots exchange glucose for the bacteria to live off. A mutually beneficial relationship at work.

How do I earn bonus tubes of Noot?

All Noot subscribers are eligible to earn bonus tubes every month simply by posting on social media (once per month) or referring friends as new customers (unlimited). Just login to your Account and submit your social media post, or find your special link to send to friends. You will earn Noot Points which can be redeemed for bonus tubes at checkout, and can be included free with your next shipment that goes out.

Customer Reviews

Light watering day for my plants!! I’d say my Strawberry Shake Philodendron is happy with @growwithnoot. She’s my most favorite.



Look at those beautiful roots!!⁣ Minnie Pearl is so healthy and thriving in her LECA home… Cleaned her up a little as well. I hope that new leaf unfurls in the next few days.

Lisa Laree


Philodendron Friday. New liddle leaf??? It popped out while in my indoor greenhouse along with my watering using my Noot.

Leaf Life Nurse


My beautiful string of hearts is growing and growing each day…. I use a spray bottle with some liquid @growwithnoot and it’s been helping it grow faster. I’m so happy to see it getting fuller. ???

Angela Marrero


Did some planty care today for a change and I had to stop to admire this beauty. It hides on the shelf. I didn’t realize it has 7 leaves already. Went from knocking on deaths door to having awesome roots from water

Jungle Mayer


That’s not all!

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